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We’ve got you covered with all your local tree trimming, removal and grinding needs across North Texas. Our skilled team of professionals is trained in both safety procedures as well as industry standards so that we can provide only top-quality services at competitive rates for every customer on block!

We Offer Tree Service, Tree Removals, Stump Grinding and More!

Highland Village’s Trusted Partner in Tree Excellence

Highland Village, with its lakeside beauty and vibrant neighborhoods, exudes a charm that’s uniquely Texan. Quality Tree Service DFW is committed to preserving and enhancing this natural allure, offering unrivaled tree services to the proud homeowners of Highland Village. 

Your Highland Village home deserves a landscape that tells a story—of beauty, care, and nature’s splendor. Let Quality Tree Service DFW help craft this narrative. Connect with us now for an expert consultation, and let’s carve out a greener future together!

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Serving Shady Shores and the Surrounding Communities

Tree Removal

  • Crane-Assisted Tree Removal
  • Stump Grinding
  • Land Clearing

Tree/Shrub Pruning & Trimming

  • Cabling/Bracing
  • Hazardous Tree Assessment
  • Corrective Pruning
  • Deadwooding
  • Crown Density Reduction
  • Shrub Trimming

Emergency Services

  • Emergency Tree Removal
  • Storm Damage Cleanup
  • Insurance Claims Experts

 Tree Services Meticulously Designed For Hickory Creek Residences


  • Hickory Creek homes, surrounded by nature, deserve tree services that accentuate this natural bond:

    • Tailored Tree Trimming: Refine your trees to seamlessly blend with Hickory Creek’s picturesque environs.
    • Total Stump Eradication: Transform your garden into a cohesive space free of lingering stumps.
    • Tree Wellness Check-ups: Fortify your trees against potential threats, ensuring they thrive in Hickory Creek’s unique ecosystem.
    • Prompt Storm Damage Assistance: We’re ever-ready, restoring the serenity of Hickory Creek homes post any climatic disruptions

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What the Community is Saying

Gary Aston
Gary Aston
Quality Tree Service did an excellent job. They removed (3) large cypress trees and stumps. Juan was very responsive, his team was professional, thorough and cleaned up everything when done. I would definitely call Juan for any tree removal.
Liana Matin
Liana Matin
Juan, Nico and the team are true professionals! Juan came out to scope my project the same day that I called and once we agreed on a price, his crew was there the next day. They did a great job and left my yard looking cleaner than before! Would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for tree services.
Juan Morales
Juan Morales
Kathy Tsai
Kathy Tsai
Juan Morales, the boss was very easy to communicate about our needs in terms of trees trimming and gave us a super reasonable estimate. Even though they have very tight schedule, Juan still tried to squeeze their job to fit our weekend schedule. The crew, Jose Luis Santos, Jubentino Roberto and Justino Lopes came to accomplish the fantastic job today. They are on time, helpful and provide extremely good quality service. They not only trim and clean all the branches but also help us with moving some thorny blackberry branches away. I would like to give this whole team a big thumb👍up.
Turquoise Video Productions channel
Turquoise Video Productions channel
The Quality Tree Service team was great. they came to trim a tree I had (long overdue), remove an old stump and remove a few small trees that had grown in my flower bed. They were affordable and fast to get me a quote. Definitely give them a call.
Dysfunctional CV
Dysfunctional CV
Trespassed on my property to leave a business card.

 Why Hickory Creek Prefers Quality Tree Service DFW  



  • In-depth Local Acumen: Our experience in Hickory Creek equips us to cater to its distinct arboricultural needs.
  • Upfront, Fair Pricing: Our commitment to Hickory Creek’s community is mirrored in our transparent pricing.
  • Sustainable Techniques: We adopt green methods, resonating with Hickory Creek’s eco-friendly ethos.

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